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Founded in 1976, Burnac Leaseholds is the commercial real estate division of Burnac Corporation. Joseph Burnett founded the corporation as a mortgage lending business, providing financing to developers of commercial properties, usually shopping centres. Observing the success of those developers, Joseph, a lawyer, decided to enter the commercial development business. Ted, his youngest brother and also a lawyer, was recruited to join the firm as President in 1987. Their plan called for building shopping centres in underserviced population centres. Within a short time, the brothers had built their own impressive roster of commercially successful shopping centres across Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Located along major traffic thoroughfares, these properties deliver attractive architecture, efficient management, complementary stores and services and an enjoyable ambience for tenants and shoppers alike. Today, Burnac Leaseholds continues to develop and manage commercial properties in major Canadian urban centres.

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